About Shark

The SharkArmy brand is a collective family. Millions of followers across multiple social media platforms coming together to be entertained.

SharkArmy is an idea. A movement based around progress. The Army provides inspiration to kids everywhere that they can achieve their goals with enough grinding and effort put in. 

Shark started his YouTube channel in 2009, uploading nearly every day consecutively for over 4 straight years before he generated a single dollar in revenue. Shark produced the content for himself, his fans, and for the sole purpose of providing entertainment internationally.

Now in 2023 the SharkArmy team has a full time editor, thumbnail maker, and even manager to help the brand grow and prosper, and Shark's 11 years of efforts have finally begun to pay off. Shark embodies what hard work and never giving up can get you. No matter whether or not the months were ups or downs, Shark always had his eyes on the long term vision of entertainment and success.

Share your experiences and stories on Social Media with #SharkArmy to be featured as a part of the family. 

"Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence." - Colin Powell